Foster Adoption

Foster Adoption is the adoption of a child placed in Foster Care by your state Child and Family Services Division because they had been abused, neglected or abandoned by their parents or other caretakers. 

Children in the Foster Care system live with a foster family or in a youth group home.  Only children whose parents rights have been officially terminated by a court of law are available for adoption.

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Foster Adoption Process:

1.    Couples and Individuals interested in Foster Adoption will need a completed Home Study.  Some states require the Home Study to be completed by the State Child and Family Services Division where the adopting parent resides.  Some states allow a Home Study to be completed by a Licensed Placing Agency.

2.  Adopting parents may be required to participate in Foster Parent training and licensure before a child can be placed with them.

3.  Once adopting parents have completed and are approved through a Home Study and Foster training, they are ready to be matched with a child either from their own state Foster System or out of state Foster System.

4.  When a potential child has been matched to the adopting parents, the State Child and Family Services will handle the legal process of the adoption of the child which will require Petition to Adopt the child, Temporary Custody of the child and Final Adoption Decree of the child.

5.  Post Placement supervision is usually required for 6 months following Temporary Custody with a final recommendation from the Department who has been responsible for the child.

Length of Process:

The time frame for a completed adoption through the Foster System varies greatly depending on how quickly the Home Study is completed as well as Foster Parent Training, if required.  Adopting families who are open to age, gender, race and health issues are usually matched much quicker.


The cost of adoption from the Foster System is between $0 and $5,000.   Adopting parents will need to pay their own travel expenses to the county and state that the child resides in for court proceedings.   Attorneys fees for Foster Adoption also varies from state to state.  Some states cover all legal fees themselves while other states require the adopting parents to pay legal expenses.  Foster Adoptions can cost from $0-$5,000.


In most Foster Adopt cases, there is no communication between the child and birthparents due to safety reasons.  In some cases there may be some communication between the child and extended relatives or siblings if it is in the best interest of the child to maintain those connections.


There are several things to consider with a Foster Adoption; age, gender, race of child you prefer as well as health and behavioral issues that the child may have.  Most children who are under the care of Foster System are there due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.  Most children demonstrate some degree of emotional and/or behavioral issues that require strong, committed, loving parents to assist them in overcoming these issues with the help of appropriate resources.  Local Child and Family Service Departments can provide you with resources such as counseling, therapy etc.