Welcome to The Adoption Hub! 

Our goal is provide you with an informative, educational and EASY TO USE, child adoption resource that will help answer your questions about child adoption or foster care.

Adopting a child is a complicated process-we know this from first hand experience.    

TheAdoptionHub.org is brought to you by Orphan’s Lifeline of Hope International,  a 16 year running Orphan Aid & Adoption Advocacy non profit organization that was founded in 2000.  What began as delivery of gifts in kind to Russian orphans has now expanded to daily care for 20,000 children in 9 countries.  Orphan’s Lifeline created TheAdoptionHub to provide a center for adoption information due to the hundreds of adoption inquiries we receive each year.

Jim & Elma Miller-Co Founders of Orphans Lifeline started the program as missionaries and adoption facilitators in Russia in 1998.  They have 5 children, 4 through domestic adoption and 1 through international adoption.

Dave & Alaina Board-Co Founders of Orphans Lifeline have 6 children, one through foster adoption.

Greg & Laurie Timmons-Co Founders of Orphans Lifeline have 5 children, one through international adoption.

Laurie Timmons is our content writer and adoption resource consultant for  The Adoption Hub.  She understands the adoption journey personally as a Birth Mother and Adoptive Mother and has extensive professional experience providing adoption services.  Laurie operated Lifeline of Hope Adoptions, a Licensed Child Placing Agency for 5 years, provided Associate Agency Services for 6 years and has provided consultation, referral and support services to adopting families for 15 years.

We understand that the adoption process can be frustrating, uncertain and complicated.  It is our desire to provide you with quality education, consultation and resource referrals.  

For FREE consultation, please email info@theadoptionhub.org.

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