Post Adoption Resources


  How great these needs are depends on the physical, social and emotional background that the child experienced before placement with an adoptive family.

  -All adopted children will experience feelings of loss, grief, abandonment, rejection and fear of future rejection at some point during their childhood.  

  -Some children may have been exposed to drugs or alcohol during the pregnancy and have behavioral effects that immerse at some point.

  -Older adopted children may have been exposed to physical, mental or sexual abuse.

  -Some children are placed for adoption because they were born with a birth disorder such as; Downs Syndrome, Deafness, Cerebral Palsy or other impairment.

  -Children adopted from a foreign country may experience cultural heritage loss issues.

  -Most adopted children will have identity issues during their school age years.

Adoptive parents will typically undergo some sort of pre adoptive education regarding the potential issues that they will be facing in helping their future adoptive child overcome any one of these issues.  However, in most cases, not all of the childs experiences and exposures have been disclosed leaving the adoptive parents to undergo a “generic” preparation plan.

The child you adopt will be unique and have their own set of unique positive characteristics as well as unique negative experiences.  This can be very challenging and overwhelming to the parents who feel that they did everything they could to prepare to help this child have a better quality of life than they would have had otherwise.

It is important to understand that parenting is parenting regardless of the child being biological or adopted, in the sense that when your child is struggling with something, it is the parents job to look into any and all resources to help them overcome the obstacle and improve their well being.

Support Groups are a wonderful resource to obtain emotional support for the adoptive parents and learn about helpful resources in your community.  Talk to your Post Placement Social Worker for group connections in your area.