Medical & Health Resources

Most adopted children from Foster Homes and Orphanages have some degree of health issues.  These issues can range from very minor correctable to major disability. The health issues vary in children according to environmental health risks, prenatal exposures and abuse and neglect experiences. 

Your Home Study Agency and Placing Agency will provide medical and health education for you.

Once you receive a referral or match with a child, it is very important to obtain as much health background on the child as possible.  From there you will need to educate yourself on on what to expect and how to obtain the best care for your child to help them thrive.  Your Placing Agency should provide for you as much medical and health background information on the child that is available. 

Keep in mind that most children “catch up” in nutrition, development, speech and other minor delays within 1 year of placed with a loving healthy family.  Even children with more serious disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy etc. thrive when introduced to proper medical and rehabilitative care!

Visit these wonderful resources for medical and health information