Home Study & Post Placement Services

For every type of adoption placement, families are required to have a Home Study completed by a Social Worker licensed by their state government.

The Home Study is the legal document that states that you meet the requirements of your state to adopt a child into your home.  Families have the option of utilizing an adoption agency for identifying a child that is not in your state or country and in this case, your Home Study Provider will coordinate with your Placing Agency so that your Home Study also meets the requirements of the state or country that the child resides in.

Usually when potential adopting families learn that they have to have a Home Study, they become nervous that they will not meet the requirements of approval and do not proceed with their dream of adopting a child.  However, be assured, that MOST families who go through the process ARE approved to adopt, very few are actually denied!

Here are the basics for Home Study approval:

Have a desire to raise, parent and love an adopted child as your own.

Be at least 18 years of age

Pass a Criminal Background Check (there are no past or current convictions)

Pass a Child Abuse and Neglect Check (there are no past or current convictions)

Be in good physical, emotional and mental health (not undergoing any current critical medical treatments)

Your home is safe for a child

Have adequate income to add a child to your home

Be willing to participate in adoption education courses

*Please note that different home study agencies, placing agencies and foreign courts may have more specific requirements, these are only the basics.

Post Placement Requirements

All adoption placements have Post Placement requirements that the adopting family must participate in.  Post Placement Reports provide detailed information on the child’s well being in the family and how any concerns are being addressed.  The report will typically contain photos, medical information and education information about the child.

With most Domestic Placements this may be a series of visits with a Social Worker after the child is placed in your temporary guardianship.  The Social Worker then provides the final Post Placement Report to the court for Final Adoption Approval.

In an International Adoption, the Post Placement requirements vary, but always include a Post Placement Report conducted by a Social Worker.  These can be anywhere from 1 time per year for a couple of years or every year until child is 18 years of age.