Children Photo Listings

Many adoption agencies have photo listings available of Waiting Children that the agency is using extra effort in identifying a loving home for, due to Special Needs.

Special Needs can be as minor as “older child” usually above age 4 or severe such as, developmental delays or mental disorders.

Most agencies will provide their services at a reduced fee in order to complete a placement of a Waiting Child.

Here are some things to consider before visiting a Photo Listing: 

Most agencies will require families to have a Completed Home Study before viewing Waiting Children Listings.

Some listings may not require a Completed Home Study in order to view children, however, keep in mind that the child you feel compelled to adopt may not be available at the time your Home Study is complete.

Photo listings only provide basic information on the child such as Gender, Age and basic health.

Educate yourself by reading through this site about the adoption process BEFORE visiting a Photo Listing so that you are prepared for the journey ahead before you become attached to a particular child.