Adoption Grants & Loans

Adoption Grants are money that is donated toward your adoption expenses by  non profit  organizations.  Adopting families need to fill out applications to receive grant money and the qualifications vary from grantor to grantor.  Typically families must have completed their Home Study before they can submit an application.

Adoption Loans are typically 0 to low interest loans for adoption expenses.  Qualifications for receiving a loan vary from financer to financer.

Here is a list of some adoption grantors and loan financers to contact for more information:

A Child Waits Foundation   Grants & Loans   All
Gift of Adoption Fund   Grants   All
God’s Grace Adoption Ministry   Grants   All/Christian Families Adopting
HelpUsAdopt    Grants   All
National Council for Adoption   Loans   All
Promise the Children   Grants   All
The National Adoption Foundation   Grants & Loans   All

Please contact us if you find one of these resources no longer providing services or if you find another financing resource that would be great to list!